01 - Ride Your Love

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The love symbol serves as a reminder of the intimate connection between cyclists and their saddles, representing the passion and devotion riders have for the sport and their pursuit of freedom on two wheels.


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Date of release: April 2011

Sheet size: A1 (840mm X 594mm) Approx 24 inch X 33 Inch

Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing on premium Hi White, 150 gsm paper. Suitable for archival use.

Proud 100 owners of Design 01 -
Ride Your Love

No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai Kuan Singapore
2Tan Thuang Tee Singapore
3Kristian Hunt Australia
4ZhengLiang Yeo Singapore
5Calvin Soh Singapore
6Dr William WanSingapore
7Tom SargentUnited Kingdom
8Neil DavidsonUnited Kingdom
9Sujin KimSingapore
10Rachel OngSingapore
11Cameron McDonaldAustralia
12Eric YeoSingapore
13Dominic ChoSingapore
14Sara VardiDenmark
15Francesc Babot PagesSpain
16Life Cycle*Singapore
17Life Cycle*Singapore
18Life Cycle*Singapore
19Joeel LeeSingapore
20Life Cycle*Singapore
21Cynthia LoSingapore
22Lindsay BuehlerUnited States
23Samira YaghmaiUnited States
24Rogier DuclooUnited States
25Planker JenniferUnited States
26Andrew McKechnieUnited States
27Calvin SohSingapore
28Paul HammersUnited States
29Kandra BitencourtUnited States
30Evan LimSingapore
31Dr William WanSingapore
32Tan Wee FongSingapore
33Jennifer OngSingapore
34Aaron HooverUnited States
35Daniel TanSingapore
36Jeremy FolcikUnited States
37James Kenneth KohSingapore
38Olayinka FagbayiGermany
39Rachel MakariouUnited Kingdom
40Shyet FenSingapore
41Pann LimSingapore
42Abdul Kuddus AhmadMalaysia
43Enrique PinedaUnited States
44Heng KrystalSingapore
45Patrick OngSingapore
46Kellyn GohSingapore
47Pippanella RobertsUnited Kingdom
48Paul YeoSingapore
49Sabina EraItaly
50Rob AndersonUnited States
51Jonathan HenryUnited States
52Julie BertonAustralia
53Annabelle McMillanAustralia
55Blithe RocherUnited States
56Life Cycle*Singapore
57Life Cycle*Singapore
58Life Cycle*Singapore
59Life Cycle*Singapore
60Life Cycle*Singapore
61Life Cycle*Singapore
62Life Cycle*Singapore
63Life Cycle*Singapore
64Bibi HoChina
65Bibi HoChina
66Timothy ChanSingapore
67Elyn WongSingapore
68Beverly SaySingapore
69Beverly SaySingapore
70Alice YooUnited States
71Ernest DuvallUnited States
72Patricia Garland PaulyUnited States
73Vivien ChongSingapore
74Jay PhuaSingapore
75Katrina RoyAustralia
76Caitlin BrookesAustralia
77Celeste KuekSingapore
78Allan NgSingapore
79Maksim SabininRussia
80Kah BengSingapore
81Golding NatashaSingapore
82Anthony CrossUnited States
83Rajesh BalasubramanianIndia
84Theis NielsenDenmark
85Nordale ClothingUnited States
86Caroline EasterAustralia
87Jeremy HayesUnited States
88Johan RagnarSweden
89Andrew HillUnited States
90Scott MeleskieCanada
91Scott MeleskieCanada
92Kyle SmithUnited States
93Matthew BroadbentUnited Kingdom
94Brendon LuuUnited States
95Jonathan PhillipsUnited States
96Brian IngramUnited States
97Thomas BaileyUnited States
98Andy HattonAustralia
99Clara Yang QiWenSingapore
100Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore

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