04 - Land Of The Riding Sons

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A tribute to the people of Japan.


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Date of release: June 2011

Sheet size: A1 (840mm X 594mm) Approx 24 inch X 33 Inch

Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using spot color Pantone 186U (Actual flag color of Japan). Printed on 9 Lives Recycled 250gsm paper. Suitable for archival use.

Proud 100 owners of Design 04 -
Land Of The Riding Sons

No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai KuanSingapore
2Eric YeoSingapore
3Cynthia LoSingapore
4John BlumUnited States
5Jennifer OngSingapore
6Rebecca YapSingapore
7Angus FraserSingapore
8Calvin SohSingapore
9Sondakh ClaudiaSingapore
10Andrea KuoSingapore
11Tan Thuang TeeSingapore
12Matt AveryUnited States
13Jessica PatersonCanada
14Patricia Garland Pauly United States
15Kirsten Marshall United States
18Aaron KohSingapore
19Khairul MondziSingapore
20Melissa Clarence Australia
21Mathieu Sauve-FrankelJapan
22Dr William WanSingapore
23Bruce DaveyUnited States
24Bruce DaveyUnited States
25Felicity GibbinsAustralia
26Kenneth OverholserUnited States
27Lynn ChiamSingapore
28Daniel MendezhasUnited Kingdom
29Sophie MichalsUnited States
30Darla SasakiUnited States
31Gabriel HippleUnited States
32Brandon GoldSweden
33Jeffrey GouldUnited States
34Ilka TödtGermany
35Peter ThomasUnited States
36Nordale ClothingUnited States
37Melvin FloresUnited States
38Victoria MatheussenNorway
39Daniel EdlerCanada
40Koh Say ChongSingapore
41Chris SimmonsUnited States
42Lee HarringtonAustralia
43Radford ChelseaHong Kong
44Frederick StewartUnited States
45Luc BrugmanNetherlands
46Michael HumbertUnited States
47Kesner BienvenuUnited States
48Frida LagergrenSweden
49Cristian IonGermany
50Scott MeleskieCanada
51Bibi HoChina
52Bibi HoChina
53Bibi HoChina
54Bibi HoChina
55Bibi HoChina
56Peter RubinUnited States
58Benjamin PiecuchUnited States
59David OseranUnited States
61Simon HirotaCanada
62Jeremy HirotaCanada
63Joanne BeggCanada
64Jeff HealeyNew Zealand
65Rogers ChrisSingapore
66Brian IngramUnited States
67Andy HattonAustralia
68Calvin SohSingapore
69Michael EffordAustralia
70Emma ParkesUnited Kingdom
71Jodi McLeanUnited States
73Clifford HortonUnited States
74Sophie KurylowiczAustralia
76Marc LeongSingapore
77Chris St CroixCanada
78Allan NgSingapore
79Robin BatchelorUnited Kingdom
80Cheryl KohSingapore
81Andrew HillUnited States
82Clyvaquio LalasUnited States
83Gary SunUnited States
84Pamela WardUnited Kingdom
85Keeble ThomasSingapore
86Joyce HumpertUnited States
87Robert BrownUnited States
88Chew ShingsianSingapore
89Allan LocsoUnited States
90Mervyn GohSingapore
91Georges GabereauCanada
92Koichi HirowatariJapan
93Sabumi TadokoroJapan
94Takeshi OharaJapan
95Juha KalanderFinland
96Daisuke KitayamaJapan
97Elizabeth WilliamsUnited States
98Francesco DriussiItaly
99Clara Yang QiWenSingapore
100Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore

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