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Cycling is a relentless test of guts. It's the sport where legs burn, lungs scream, and determination defies exhaustion. Cyclists summon the courage to conquer steep climbs, battle headwinds, and push their limits with each pedal stroke.


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Date of release: July 2011

Print Quality: 2 Colour Silkscreen on 100% Cotton T-Shirt.

Proud 100 owners of Design 05T -
Pure Guts

No. NameCountry
1Thomas YangSingapore
2Yeo May Tsu DawneSingapore
3Daniel LangSwitzerland
4Michael HumbertUnited States
5Jonathan NgSingapore
6Khairul MondziSingapore
7Brian SparkmanUnited States
9Harry HartAustralia
10Chia Hsueh LeeUnited States
11Victoria ThomasCanada
12Carlos IglesiasSpain
13Nancy SchmidtUnited States
14Caterina CacciatoriItaly
15Alex DooHong Kong
16Gilberto RaposaUnited States
17Geraldine ChuaSingapore
18Nicol ChenSingapore
19Monoco (FlutterScape Inc)Japan
20Tiffany OdellUnited States
21Life Cycle*Singapore
22Life Cycle*Singapore
23Life Cycle*Singapore
24Life Cycle*Singapore
25Mo CoolingUnited States
26Kevin LuuAustralia
27Samantha KeenUnited States
28Pauline WolffCanada
29Michal PilchPoland
30Mauro RattiItaly
31Jimmy FokSingapore
32Angus FraserUnited Kingdom
33Olivier BretonFrance
34Matt HartmanUnited States
35Pradeep DsouzaSingapore
36Sivasailam MuthiahUnited States
37Richard KwonUnited States
38Hannah WysomeUnited Kingdom
40Tan Thuang TeeSingapore
41Terrence Tan Singapore
42Eric YeoSingapore
43Casey LohSingapore
44Chen WhelanSingapore
45Kimb MasseyUnited States
46Charles YuenSingapore
47John CrossUnited Kingdom
48Kee NigelSingapore
49Nicola Matteo PicchioItaly
50Raul Hernandez PascualSpain
51Life Cycle*Singapore
52Life Cycle*Singapore
53Life Cycle*Singapore
54Life Cycle*Singapore
55Life Cycle*Singapore
56Denise TobinUnited States
57Jonathan WeeSingapore
58Carrie Hamilton Australia
59Rebecca StaffelUnited States
60Benson TohSingapore
61Life Cycle*Singapore
62Stacey HughesCanada
63Elizabeth O'Neill United Kingdom
64Krystyna NasypaykoGreece
65Chris SohSingapore
66Neil DavidsonUnited Kingdom
67Charlotte PoulFrance
68Calvin SohSingapore
69Jessup SteedonSingapore
70Peter ThomasUnited States
71Dennis GohSingapore
72Low Chin SoonSingapore
73Lee Chee KeanSingapore
74Michael MayoUnited States
75Sin Eng LeeSingapore
76Jeff HealeyNew Zealand
77Alison DieckeUnited States
78Miguel CabecaPortugal
79Casey Loh/td>Singapore
80Nichola RinksUnited Kingdom
81Royston CheongSingapore
82Roger TanSingapore
83Gaia ReggianiItaly
84Daniel TanSingapore
85Rok DolencFrance
86Beverly SaySingapore
88Calvin SohSingapore
89Simone ChownJapan
90Carolyn TeoSingapore
91Karen BaySingapore
92Caitln GutenbergerUnited States
93Ali FowlerSingapore
94Bhattacharya ParixitSingapore
95Cheryl KohSingapore
96Weronika GondekUnited States
97Nancy SchmidtUnited States
98Kimb MasseyUnited States
99GRAFINET Radosław KowalewskiPoland
100Choo Wai KuanSingapore

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