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As the name suggests, is never too old for someone to learn or ride on a bicycle.


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Designer: Huang Yizhen

Date of release: November 2013

Bag size: 16inch / 41cm (Height) X 15inch / 38cm (Width) X 3inch / 8cm (Base)

Strap length: 22 inch / 56 cm

Print Quality: Silkscreen using 1 Pantone spot color. Printed on 100% Japanese cotton canvas with inner pocket.

Proud 100 owners of Design 17 -
Never Too Old

No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai KuanSingapore
2Ken ChingNew Zealand
3Ken ChingNew Zealand
4Huang YizhenSingapore
5Huang YizhenSingapore
6Huang YizhenSingapore
7Ken ChingNew Zealand
8Ken ChingNew Zealand
9Lim Wei LingSingapore
10Michael CarrollUnited States
11Kevin PohSingapore
12Michael SalterCanada
13Jason LeeUnited States
14Laurence PerrillatFrance
15Tsang Hin YanHong Kong
16Beatrice NgSingapore
17Seah Ting TingSingapore
18Nicole TanSingapore
19Jessica ChuaSingapore
20Chia Bee HongSingapore
21Ginny ChanSingapore
22Alexandra HerzanUnited States
23Celeste KuekSingapore
24Lynn ChengSingapore
25Ariel ChengSingapore
26Vanessa ChowCanada
27Kenny Mar Hong Kong
28Kenny Mar Hong Kong
29Ali FowlerSingapore
30Cornelius BoltenGermany
31Ching KaileSingapore
32Rebecca LowSingapore
33Tony Bou KheirUnited Kingdom
34Joshua BarendsAustralia
35Antje VogelgesangGermany
36Cesar Henrique LonguiniBrazil
37Rohan BuckAustralia
38ShingHong Kong
39Mario RuizUnited States
40Paul McConegheyUnited States
41Tim MerazUnited States
42Kevin RyanJapan
43Rachelle TohSingapore
44Kiera WestphalUnited States
45Velyn LohSingapore
46Loren BurchUnited States
47Helena StolkaUnited States
48Philip HatfieldUnited Kingdom
49Arnold AmbielUnited States
50Michael CarrollUnited States
51Yuen YanHong Kong
52Ana Louise VillanuevaCanada
53AnonymousUnited Kingdom
54Kristen KreiderUnited States
55Michael SalterCanada
56Oscar NgSingapore
57Volker WeinmannGermany
58Laurence PerrillatFrance
59Nils SwetlikGermany
60Daniel PeterssonSweden
61Jeff BuraglioUnited States
62Beatrice NgSingapore
63Seah Ting TingSingapore
64Seah Ting TingSingapore
65Charlene ChuaSingapore
66Pek LijunSingapore
67Lilian LeeSingapore
68Michelle FooSingapore
69Wendy WongSingapore
70Kong QianruSingapore
71Seung Woo YulSouth Korea
72Felicia TanSingapore
73Ang JinglinSingapore
74Kartini AyobSingapore
75Kartini AyobSingapore
76 Karine TanSingapore
77Andrew MunroUnited Kingdom
78Jacob Sheppard-saidelUnited States
79Felicia TanSingapore
80Adrian YeapSingapore
81Alexandra HerzanUnited States
82Lynn ChengSingapore
83Mark SmithCanada
84Catherine JupistaCanada
85Ric TangSingapore
86Pauline KhooSingapore
87Debbie ChuaSingapore
88Jason HallSingapore
89Lee Seng TeckSingapore
90Vanessa ChowCanada
91Cindy GohSingapore
92Jamie TengSingapore
93Tammy QuahSingapore
94Mark RuszczykUnited States
95Angel GuerreroPhilippines
96Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore
97Clara Yang QiwenSingapore
98Huang YizhenSingapore
99Huang YizhenSingapore
100Huang YizhenSingapore

All of the products you see here are limited to, as the name suggests, 100 copies and is labeled with a unique edition number. As such, no two copies are ever completely identical.

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