18 - Pedal On, Tacloban

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The devastation of Typhoon Haiyan has seen homes and lives destroyed by flood waters.
If each of us do our bit to contribute, we can help the people of Tacloban rise above this disaster and rebuild their lives.


Thank you for your great effort and support. Our fundraising for the Red Cross Haiyan Relief Humanitarian Efforts in the Philippines has closed. We are proud to announce that together we have sold 100 copies of posters and have raised a total of $4500.

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Date of release: November 2013

Sheet size: A1 (840mm X 594mm) Approx 24 inch X 33 Inch

Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 3 Pantone spot colors. Printed on 9 Lives Recycled 250gsm paper. Suitable for archival use. Printed by our kind sponsor Innotech Communication Pte Ltd

Proud 100 owners of Design 18 -
Pedal On, Tacloban

No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai KuanSingapore
2Eric YeoSingapore
3Garth KrugerUnited Kingdom
4Otmar HörlGermany
5Sherwin LimPhilippines
6Cheung CWHong Kong
7Stewart CameronCanada
8Wayne VidalloUnited States
9John AnosaUnited States
10Paul LambieUnited Kingdom
11Christopher FanelliUnited States
12Sam StandardUnited States
13Jamie WadeUnited States
14Steve BritzUnited Kingdom
15Jason JohnsUnited Kingdom
16Francis Bernard TanPhilippines
17Simon IrvingUnited Kingdom
18William PierceUnited States
19Emilien BurletBelgium
20Jaymie MiguelUnited States
21Jeff VilliardUnited States
22Reed GrahamUnited States
23Jason LeeUnited States
24Rogier DuclooUnited States
25Thomas RichardsonAustralia
26Rapha Racing LLCUnited States
27Michael GreeneUnited States
28Colin MooreUnited Kingdom
29Dennis CruzCanada
30Simon LaiCanada
31Randolph VeluzUnited Arab Emirates
32John SantiagoAustralia
33Martine EdwardsUnited States
34Louise VillanuevaCanada
35Michaela HawksleyUnited Kingdom
36Sean T NoonanUnited States
37Nathalie HebertCanada
38Jennifer AbastillasUnited States
39Steve SebialUnited States
40Kevin KrauseGermany
41Christopher de GuzmanUnited States
42Sarah MagnoUnited States
43Martin CassonUnited Kingdom
44Evan CaseUnited States
45Marlowe BugnosenPhilippines
46Agapito Pabalan, Jr.United States
47Benzon RolandSingapore
48Jonathan CheongSingapore
49Goh OrlandaSingapore
50Luke TysonSingapore
51Christopher LeeSingapore
52Carolyn TeoSingapore
53Judith ClemieSingapore
54David AgnewSingapore
55David StevanovSingapore
56Michael AlbanoUnited States
57Michael AlbanoUnited States
58Shannon NixCanada
59Rouen Abel RazPhilippines
60Michael OttUnited States
61Mark SmithCanada
62Benjamin KelleyUnited States
63Andrew KilmartinSouth Africa
64Catherine JupistaCanada
65Chuck AronsonUnited States
66Sharon Jones-RyanCanada
67Archie GeronimoUnited States
68Josenilo MallariUnited States
69Alfie AtilanoAustralia
70Eric SisonUnited States
71Ignacio OrozcoUnited States
72Richard SantosUnited States
73Anthony MilburnUnited Kingdom
74Paulo DeveraUnited States
75Jefferson lumaquinUnited States
76Joao FerreiraBrazil
77Tim YoungUnited Kingdom
78Ethan HillUnited States
79Joey OngPhilippines
80Joey OngPhilippines
81Joey OngPhilippines
82Joey OngPhilippines
83Joey OngPhilippines
84Christopher VassiliadesUnited States
85Christopher VassiliadesUnited States
86Matt GoddardUnited States
87Dayacap DalisaySingapore
88Jonrique A.SiguenzaUnited States
89Canlas NervinSingapore
90Huang YizhenSingapore
91Adrian FoleyUnited States
92Samuel GohMalaysia
93KStephanie HollandUnited States
94Damien MillerCanada
95David SquireCanada
96Tanya CuasoPhilippines
97Marico MoredoUnited States
98Low Chen SinSingapore
99Clara Yang QiWenSingapore
100Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore

All of the products you see here are limited to, as the name suggests, 100 copies. Each piece of work will be watermarked, labeled with the title and edition number. As such, no two copies are ever completely identical.