37 -Light The Night

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Light The Night

Even if you have taken a route many times in the day, riding at night lets you see it in a different light. Because when day turns to dusk and streetlights glow amber, the familiar can turn into fresh adventures.

This piece of work is dedicated to all the nightriders out there who can’t get enough of the night wind on your face and the moon and stars on your back.

Now glide forth and light up the night.

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Date of release: April 2017
Sheet size: 840mm X 540mm (Approx 33 inch X 21 Inch)
Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 7 spot Pantone Colours which is the best way to ensure colour accuracy and a high-quality print. Printed on 230gsm Maple Snow paper. Suitable for archival use.

Proud 100 owners of Design 37 -
Light The Night

No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai KuanSingapore
2Eric YeoSingapore
3Terence FernandezPhilippines
4Aleix Camps ArcaronsSpain
5Rodolfo MolinarUnited States
6Erik Roby United States
7Denise RivasUnited States
8Lawrence ArmstrongUnited States
9Aaron HooverUnited States
10Benjamin KelleyUnited States
11Rebekah WilkinsUnited States
12Barry SmithCanada
13Steven KangUnited States
14Brad KnoxUnited States
15Rubin AbdiUnited States
16Quintin StarkeySouth Africa
17Laurence BasellAustralia
18Michael Ford & Pamela LevineUnited States
19Clément SchaffterSwitzerland
20Jay BrummettUnited States
21James SwansonUnited States
22Choose CreativeUnited States
23Manuel NogalesUnited States
24Horváth CsabaHungary
25Henrik LönnSweden
26Marc StahelSwitzerland
28Isaac N BeallCanada
29Cristian GudaszSweden
30Anthony WhiteUnited States
31Rahim SumariSingapore
32Mads RefsethNorway
33Hamilton CarrollUnited Kingdom
34Ian WatsonUnited States
35Joseph OngPhilippines
36Joseph OngPhilippines
37Jason KroppUnited States
38Rieks van RooijenNetherlands
39Samuel Richardson United States
40Justin LethamCanada
41S Welcker TaylorUnited States
42Jamie WadeUnited States
43John StewartUnited Kingdom
44Geoff WickstromCanada
45AnonynousUnited States
46Jo LankesterUnited Kingdom
47Tom VanderhulstBelgium
48Martijn van VlietNetherlands
49Richard StiersUnited States
50Xander BauermannNetherlands
51Stephan DeiningerGermany
52Christopher MarrisAustralia
53Jonathan AndersonUnited States
54Kevin GravesUnited States
55Benjamin BradleyUnited States
56Daniel GellisUnited States
57Katy RoyAustralia
58Monique WoutersBelgium
59Gregory LangUnited States
60Jenny LimSingapore
61Luc SavoieCanada
62Philip TaylorUnited States
63Mike KunGermany
64Michael DeemsUnited States
65Shetal PatelUnited States
66Zoe MarrAustralia
67Rodney AitchisonUnited Kingdom
68Andrew SchulzUnited States
69Mike TkalcevicUnited States
70Thomas SaundersUnited States
71Thomas JanowitzGermany
72Nathaniel WienerUnited States
73Alif RahmanUnited States
74Randy WeintraubUnited States
75Yutaka DeSilvaSingapore
76Marko Koski-VahalaSweden
77Veronica WheelerUnited States
78Louis Jan van Ekeren Netherlands
79Jennifer ChaseUnited States
80Rajanvir Mehra Switzerland
81Tay ChoonweiSingapore
82Tay ChoonweiSingapore
83Tay ChoonweiSingapore
84Tay ChoonweiSingapore
85Tay ChoonweiSingapore
86Tay ChoonweiSingapore
87Jan GöpfertGermany
88Amy StrongUnited States
89Amy HarrisAustralia
90Hou Po-JenTaiwan
91Jennifer ThomasUnited States
92Stefan Hutschemaekers Netherlands
93Andrew EadeCanada
94Andreas Haugli SørensenNorway
95John PhillipsUnited States
96David LittlefieldUnited States
97Lauber Cycling GroupUnited States
98Scott Peyton United States
99Clara Yang QiWenSingapore
100Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore

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