39 - The Ascent

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The Ascent

You pedal, you push, you pant, you press on, you never stop until you are at the peak.
You ride higher, live louder, laugh harder, dream bigger. Your life takes you from one adventure to another.

This artwork expresses the exhilaration of mountain riding, where the ascent is as alluring as being at the top.

To create the fluid lines of the mountain strata, the artist hand-bound 10 paintbrushes into a 50 cm-long brush and painted in one broad stroke. The effect is a refreshingly realistic depiction of this glorious geological phenomenon.

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Date of release: November 2017
Sheet size: 840mm X 460m (33 inch X 18.1 inch)
Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 1 spot Pantone Black. Printed on 220gsm Maple White paper. Suitable for archival use.

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The Ascent

No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai KuanSingapore
2Eric YeoSingapore
3Bror JonssonUnited States
4Darren WooCanada
5Kasey FukadaCanada
6Galen BurkUnited States
7Theodore Denman-BriceUnited States
8Megan PowersUnited States
9Yury SmoliarUnited States
10James SwansonUnited States
11Nicolas TheopoldSwitzerland
12Rasmus HansenDenmark
13Ryan CooperUnited States
14Laurence BasellAustralia
15Derrick DomineyUnited States
16Derrick DomineyUnited States
17Rodolfo MolinarUnited States
18Blair CalvertAustralia
19Chris LelliottUnited Kingdom
20Samantha LiewSingapore
21Mike KunGermany
22David LittlefieldUnited States
23Erik GrabowskyUnited States
24Petter NilsenNorway
25Travis BrimUnited States
26Keith MalarickUnited States
27Evan BendersonUnited States
28Marcella ArellanoUnited States
29Raima SvobodaUnited States
30Matt CoelhoUnited States
31Haley MannixUnited States
32David VisschedykCanada
33Ben ShaylerNew Zealand
34Eric SchroederUnited States
35Dinh NguyenSwitzerland
36Li Chuan YangSingapore
37Nicolas Sgarioto Canada
38Henrik LönnSweden
39Jorge Puig SansSpain
40Nick DellwoUnited States
41Jerry KoontzUnited States
42Jordan Di CeccaCanada
43Jonathan LiangCanada
44Bastien Fusberti Thailand
45Dianna HemannUnited States
46Maury JackmanUnited States
47J. Patrick GeorgeUnited States
48Jon RiddleUnited States
49Jing Fen WangUnited States
50Matt BlakeUnited States
51Tobias SchmarbeckGermany
52Alex TongUnited States
53Anna RudkovskaCanada
54Tobias FlathGermany
55Anthony GumbelUnited States
56Steve EngUnited States
57Janet BumsteadUnited States
58Steve AlmUnited States
59Austin MayerUnited States
60Tyler PoniatowskiUnited States
61Ryan GuerreroUnited States
62Steven JackowskiUnited States
63Michael ModicaUnited States
64Jordyn DraytonUnited States
65Jan-Christoph DeinertGermany
66Oliver HeltewigGermany
67Mike TkalcevicUnited States
68Holger RietmannGermany
69Isaiah KramerUnited States
70Timothy BlackUnited States
71Susanna RovinsUnited States
72Josh WilsonUnited States
73Ian JohnstonMalaysia
74Tom LambNew Zealand
75Brian WawroCanada
76Angel RegaladoMexico
77Diego TosoniUnited States
78Simon ZartGermany
79Amy/George DemetriouJersey
80Veronica MeninUnited States
81Daniel NormanUnited States
82Russell NewtonUnited States
83Mark JenkinsonUnited Kingdom
84Andrew HenkeUnited States
85Choose CreativeUnited States
86Andreas HofmannGermany
87Adam CurryNew Zealand
88Joanna Van der VeekenNetherlands
89Michael StrinnaGermany
90Thomas StepatUnited States
91Kristen MendenhallUnited States
92Jorge Puig SansSpain
93Carissa-Lynn StretchCanada
94Blair SmithNew Zealand
95Mark BreakspearCanada
96Emily Alexander United States
97Claudine TexierSwitzerland
98Peter WangChina
99Clara Yang QiWenSingapore
100Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore

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