43 - Breakaway

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You can fall behind. Give in. Break.
Or you can step up. Give it your all. And breakaway.
Biding your time, till you know it’s your time.
To leave all the other riders, all the crowds and all the doubt behind.
To leave all you’ve got on the track, with nothing left to give.
To bring cold strategy and fiery boldness together in one pure moment.
Anyone can break. But not everyone can breakaway.

This piece was created using various widths of flat brushes to effect different proportions, and is done in the tradition of Chinese ink painting.


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Date of release: February 2019
Sheet size: 840mm X 520mm (Approx 33 inch X 20.5 Inch)
Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 1 spot Pantone Black. Printed on 220gsm Maple White paper. Suitable for archival use.

Proud 100 owners of Design 43 -

No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai KuanSingapore
3Benjamin WatersUnited States
4Andrew IsraelUnited States
5Angelo Catalano United States
6Ricardo WangUnited Kingdom
7Andrew SteinUnited States
8Nicholas ChiaSingapore
9Richard RochaPhilippines
10Steve MayUnited States
11Matt MeyerUnited States
12Nigel TraffordUnited Kingdom
13Jonathan Chen United States
14Mike van den BoschCanada
15Andreas von RuskowskyGermany
16Dries PlevoetsBelgium
17Dale LopezPhilippines
18Laurence BasellAustralia
19Cristian GudaszSweden
20David LittlefieldUnited States
21Malcolm GreerUnited Kingdom
22Andrei PetrovUnited Kingdom
23Dries VerdegemBelgium
24Francisco CardenasUnited States
25Dion DingemanseNetherlands
26Margaret CarrUnited States
27Tiffany FedellUnited States
28Matthew DelaneyUnited States
29Keith ThompsonUnited States
30Jorge Puig SansSpain
31Michael FordUnited States
32Ricardo CastanonMexico
33Cheryl WillsUnited States
34Ivi ErSingapore
35Federico GiacomelliItaly
36Nick LindseyUnited States
37Matt LowryUnited States
38Chris TrigauxUnited States
39Dave GarretyAustralia
40Tyler CheungUnited States
41Thomas CamusGermany
42Jared EbornUnited States
43Steven YangUnited States
44Karl GardnerCanada
45Jon CawthorneUnited States
46Julia WoodAustralia
47Julian WinterGermany
48Martin PfallerGermany
49Peter SandrettoUnited States
50Jeffery LarsonUnited States
51Nathan AdamsUnited States
52Keith MrochekUnited States
53Jeffrey GregorUnited States
54Peter HavasUnited States
55Einar HalbigCanada
56Elsa Marti BertrandSpain
57Karen BasuUnited States
58Tom MoranIreland
59Kurt AntonUnited States
60Lynn BiancoUnited States
61Brian BernardUnited States
62Christian TimmermanUnited States
63Mike HymanUnited States
64Matthew PoshCanada
65Ng Chirk TsongMalaysia
66Leighton JeffersonAustralia
67Stefan HenzlerGermany
68Nathaniel YangSingapore
69Chris DavisUnited States
70Dennis JaneleGermany
71Matt ChristensenUnited States
72Justyna SlowikPoland
73Rebecca OldfieldUnited Kingdom
74Travis GohrUnited States
75Katherine EriksenUnited States
76Ng Tsz Kit JustinCanada
77Jan PuranenSweden
78Sandy PisaniAustralia
79Isaac GómezSpain
80Edwin LeongSingapore
81Mary MillerUnited States
82Daniel CordenAustralia
83Donavan SellUnited States
84Jennifer BarbourUnited States
85Joshua FriedmanCanada
86Adrian LeeSingapore
87Matthias HuiskenGermany
88Gordon MontgomeryUnited States
89Michael FoleyUnited States
90Lesley BaertsBelgium
91Kit MaloneyCanada
92Ryun MielkeUnited States
93Sonia ColasCanada
94Shawn KudelkaUnited States
95Mary FineUnited States
96Ian TipladyUnited Kingdom
97Natalia SakowskaPoland
98Daniella LandauUnited States
99Clara Yang QiWenSingapore
100Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore

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