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However adverse our conditions may get, the key to breaking through it all is to keep facing forward. To keep those legs moving. To keep going.

And when armed with the right knowledge, there’s no storm that we can’t ride out.

While all our bikes may not be going anywhere right now, you can still embark on a journey in your own home - through a wide-ranging glossary of cycling lingo.

After all, any rider can go from A to B.

It takes a special kind of rider, however, to go from A to Z.

The artist has created a bicycling dictionary, with definitions of the most common phrases, jargon, and words related to cycling. A quick guide to talking like a cyclist. If you don't understand the difference between Schrader and Presta, it is time to get this limited edition bicycle print :)

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Date of release: June 2020
Sheet size: A1 (840mm X 594mm) Approx 24 inch X 33 Inch
Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 2 spot Pantone Colours. Printed on Recycled 220gsm Maple White paper. Suitable for archival use.
Font: Helvetica Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Heavy & Black.

Proud 100 owners of Design 45 -

No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai KuanSingapore
2Thomas YangSingapore
3Asaf RosenfeldUnited States
4Hannes AlexGermany
5Angel RegaladoMexico
6Angel RegaladoMexico
7Mark PutnamUnited States
8Abdallah MohammadSaudi Arabia
9Kevin LindUnited States
10Audun H. SjøliNorway
11Antje VogelgesangGermany
12Angie SantiniUnited States
13Anne RacioppiUnited States
14Ben Hitchens Australia
15Bill SmithUnited States
16Matti BergendahlFinland
17Terrance BarnesUnited States
18Bernhard KciukGermany
19Meridith BuehnerUnited States
20Ben MoyleMongolia
21Robert SandersUnited States
22Craig ShanklinUnited States
23Amber JurgensenUnited States
24Clément SchaffterSwitzerland
25Christos GalanopoulosUnited States
26Catherine EugenioCanada
27Ricardo HernandezUnited States
28Björn HerzkeGermany
29Michael KoidinUnited States
30Ellen LevineUnited States
31Daniel SudaSwitzerland
32Alex BennettUnited Kingdom
33Michael FordUnited States
34Fred TomainoUnited States
35Hans Van den AdelNetherlands
36John P GeorgeUnited States
37Holger CultusGermany
38Jordan E Macquarrie United States
39Ivan GarciaUnited States
40Geoff WickstromCanada
41Julie BrooksUnited States
42JoyAnn BookUnited States
43Jacob HansenDenmark
44John Douglas GlassUnited States
45Jorge Puig SansSpain
46Jared BlackUnited States
47Jordyn DraytonUnited States
48Keith MrochekUnited States
49David KozikowskiUnited States
50Janina UllrichGermany
51Jared EbornUnited States
52Jared EbornUnited States
53Kay CaverhillNew Zealand
54Lennart VerhoefNetherlands
55Brendan BellCanada
56Edward GilliganUnited States
57Brian JacobsonUnited States
58Steven TranUnited States
59Bart Van de VeldeBelgium
60James AndrewsUnited States
61Chad TaylorUnited States
62Chad TaylorUnited States
63Timo HafnerGermany
64Mario DolceItaly
65Laurence BasellAustralia
66Matthew SmithUnited States
67Robert BowmanUnited States
68Michael SalterCanada
69Michael FeldmanUnited States
70Matt MeyerUnited States
71Michael BenedictUnited States
72Terri TomassiUnited States
73Mike Van den BoschCanada
74Dominique TseSingapore
75Tom DonovanUnited States
76Patrick CreaghUnited States
77Chris BeckerCanada
78Rose ChaviraUnited States
79Philip TaylorUnited States
80Rod AitchisonUnited Kingdom
81Mark CalvertUnited States
82Robert LagaceCanada
83Tobias SchmidGermany
84Sander JongkindNetherlands
85Richard FeldmanUnited States
86Stefanie GeeUnited States
87Igor SemizorovSlovakia
88Scott StoddartCanada
89Samantha LarsonUnited States
90Leslie GoerzenCanada
91Shetal BatesUnited States
92Paxton GuidrozUnited States
93Matthijs GerritsNetherlands
94Joel FalterUnited States
95Roque VelascoMexico
96Steffen FunkGermany
97Martin ChooSingapore
98Martin ChooSingapore
99Clara Yang QiwenSingapore
100Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore

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