46 - Glide Glory Glow

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Glide Glory Glow

A lone cyclist on a long road.
Gliding like a drop of mercury.
Stepping on it
Like a well-oiled machine.
Like a pumping heart in a warm body.
Trying to outride no one, but speed and time –
Legends of glory that will reveal what one is made of.
They call this, the Race of Truth.

A tribute to Triathletes and Time Trialists (road bike racers) who constantly push the boundaries of mental and physical strength.

This artwork is created based on the physics of ink flowing with gravity. It uses 3 Pantone Colours of high-intensity fluorescent ink that glows under Blacklight (UV light) and looks great in Daylight as well. With the overprinting technique, the 3 colours overlap to create many more brilliant shades.

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Date of release: October 2020
Sheet size: 840mm X 420mm (33 inch X 16.5 inch)
Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 3 High Intensity Fluorescent Pantone Colours that glows under UV light. Printed on 220gsm Maple Bright paper. Suitable for archival use.

Proud 100 owners of Design 46 -

No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai KuanSingapore
2Thomas YangSingapore
3Steve BottegaUnited States
4卢伟钊 Lu WeizhaoChina
5Tom Van der SandeNetherlands
6Randy WeintraubUnited States
7Tom BaileyUnited States
8Trond Vidar KjellenNorway
9Laurence BasellAustralia
10Stephane CaokiFrance
11Igor SemizorovSlovakia
12Shawn KudelkaUnited States
13Ray StreeterUnited States
14Rahim SumariUnited States
15Myles WoodUnited Kingdom
16Scott DavidsonUnited States
17Ted GeorgeCanada
18Ujjwal Rajbhandari United States
19Nathan HebertUnited States
20Nick YoungUnited States
21Neal ThomasUnited States
22Oskar SpähGermany
23Scott HardingCanada
24Michael FeldmanUnited States
25Mike HymanUnited States
26Suzanne KoontzUnited States
27Matti BergendahlFinland
28Larry SpradleyUnited States
29Julia WoodAustralia
30Meridith BuehnerUnited States
31Matthew PoshCanada
32Ming-Yi LinUnited States
33Julie GeorgeUnited States
34Katy NichollsUnited Kingdom
35Janice UrbanUnited States
36Keith KimmelUnited States
37James BakerCanada
38Joop StiggelboutNetherlands
39John AnosaUnited States
40Martin MulliganUnited States
41Joel DennyUnited States
42Markus KnoblochGermany
43Kate CorneliusAustralia
44Hubertus HohlGermany
45Andrew EadeCanada
46John P GeorgeUnited States
47Melvin WongSingapore
48Gaël GuilleminotFrance
49Isaac BeallCanada
50E Hengst United States
51Brian RistUnited States
52Harry HartAustralia
53Wessel-Jan FijnvandraatNetherlands
54Ken WoodsNetherlands
55Michael PlayfordCanada
56Martin ChooSingapore
57Martin ChooSingapore
58Spencer HallCanada
59Denis KargaevRussia
60Jason BaranUnited Kingdom
61Dirk PlechingerGermany
62Paul CalandrellaUnited States
63Don HarkinUnited States
64Michael Dyer United States
65Cory CoffeyUnited States
66Clément SchaffterSwitzerland
67Elsa MartiSpain
68James SwansonUnited States
69Enzo AntiFrance
70Anna UtleyUnited States
71Andrew IsraelUnited States
72Roger SilversteinUnited States
73Bruce TieboutUnited States
74Ben MoyleMongolia
75Garth KrugerUnited Kingdom
76Stephen MckenzieUnited States
77Chris RenshawUnited States
78James BezekUnited States
79Ramesh DhanabalanSingapore
80Max BernsteinFrance
81Ricardo Alfonso RinconMexico
82Claire ZengUnited States
83Mike KunGermany
84Desmond TanSingapore
85Mike WesterveltUnited States
86Li ZhihongSingapore
87Paul RowlingsonUnited Kingdom
88Samantha LiewSingapore
89Nicolas SgariotoCanada
90Jenny LeeUnited Kingdom
91Adam BidwellUnited Kingdom
92Wellington ArantesUnited States
93Andres DouzoglouUnited States
94Alex TongUnited States
95Renata DindeLithuania
96Dan MarshmanUnited Kingdom
97Dan MarshmanUnited Kingdom
98Jorge Puig SansSpain
99Clara Yang QiwenSingapore
100Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore

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