48 - Journey To Zen

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Journey To Zen

Sometimes, taking our bike out for a ride brings us on an inward journey. Almost like a form of Zen meditation, the noise fades, our mind clears, and all we are focused on is the path before us. The longer and further we go, the more we learn about ourselves and the nature of our mind.

In these uncertain times, cycling has helped many reduce stress and anxiety, and even regain a sense of clarity. There’s much to be gained, so keep calm, and keep riding.

This artwork is inspired by Japanese Zen gardens. Its fluid strokes are created with a bold rake brush to simulate the continuous lines or samon (砂紋) in the gravel, and represent the journey each rider takes.

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Date of release: June 2021
Sheet size: 500mm X 700mm
Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using spot Pantone Black. Printed on 250gsm Tangerine White Paper. Suitable for archival use.

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No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai KuanSingapore
2Thomas YangSingapore
3Matti BergendahlFinland
4Brian RistUnited States
5Alice MillsUnited States
6Travis BrimUnited States
7Einar HalbigCanada
8Craig KaneUnited States
9Ann MelingerUnited States
10Alex Tong DesignUnited States
11Ian TipladyUnited Kingdom
12Julie BrooksUnited States
13Benjamin FichialosUnited States
14Jim DorneyAustralia
15Joerg SchmiederGermany
16Jared EbornUnited States
17Kylie ThorpeAustralia
18Dylon LinSingapore
19Jon RiddleUnited States
20Lorri Lee LownUnited States
21Thomas BownessUnited Kingdom
22Michael KulaUnited States
23Michael KeeleyUnited States
24Angelo CatalanoUnited States
25Mike van den BoschCanada
26Philip TaylorUnited States
27Asaf RosenfeldUnited States
28Hida DeanSingapore
29Nigel TraffordUnited Kingdom
30Tom MoranNetherlands
31Samantha LarsonUnited States
32Rose ChaviraUnited States
33Igor SemizorovSlovakia
34Samuel Bentil-MensahUnited Kingdom
35Tyler FreesUnited States
36Roland M SchreblerUnited States
37Steven KimUnited States
38Mike TobeyUnited States
39Matthew TongueCanada
40Ian JapalUnited States
41Cheryl Tyler-SmithUnited States
42Miles LankfordUnited States
43Marc SpoonerUnited States
44Brian MasonUnited States
45Allyson MackayUnited States
46Ben CarterNew Zealand
47Dirk ElmendorfUnited States
48Maura BonanniUnited States
49Sarah Green ToewsUnited States
50Jillian RobertsonUnited States
51Terrance SummersUnited States
52Jeff LoCanada
53Alyssa WeeUnited States
54James ButcherUnited Kingdom
55Jessica SincoUnited States
56Rafael Garcia-MataUnited States
57Jeremy LangUnited States
58Brett FersterCanada
59Glen McDermottUnited States
60Wendy HauckUnited States
61Irene LiUnited States
62Mark SheridanUnited States
63Scott DarlingUnited States
64Suzie McKeeUnited States
65Simon Guillem-LessardCanada
66Marsha Posner WilliamsUnited States
67Molly Northrup BloomUnited States
68Chris AbeleUnited States
69Terry MacKenzieAustralia
70Eleanor OkenUnited States
71Michel TardifCanada
72Evan WestphalUnited States
73Olga KitkaevaUnited States
74Rob PapworthAustralia
75Tonatiuh Trejo-CantwellUnited States
76Kimberly McNallyUnited States
77Buzz MillerUnited States
78Linda VollmarUnited States
79Elizabeth FarquharUnited States
80Chris CoggansCanada
81Keith RahlUnited States
82Jerrad HowardUnited States
83Dan WilliamsUnited States
84Brian ZieglerUnited States
85Richard BarlowUnited States
86Shari RossUnited States
87Olivier van den Bent-KellyUnited Kingdom
88Flavio GrassiItaly
89Jørn NilsenNorway
90Michael Da SilvaCanada
91Tyler Cheung United States
92James NewmanAustralia
93Tracy WascomUnited States
94Bruce GoldAustralia
95Patrick GeorgeUnited States
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97Vineeta SrivastavaAustralia
98Лушников ВалерийRussia
99Clara Yang QiwenSingapore
100Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore

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