22 - Bicycle Mon Amour

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Awarded the GRAND PRIX at the ASIAN CREATIVE AWARDS and Award of Excellence in Communication Arts for illustration.

Ride down the breezy boulevards of Paris and you'll see why it's easy to fall in love with its cycling culture. The Eiffel Tower was re-created using 12 unique tyre tracks, as a tribute to a romance that goes far, far beyond the Tour de France.

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Date of release: May 2014

Sheet size: 840mm X 420mm (Approx 33 inch X 16.5 Inch)

Medium: 12 Bicycle Tyres

Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 1 spot Pantone Black. Printed on 220gsm Maple White paper. Suitable for archival use.

Proud 100 owners of Design 22 -
Bicycle Mon Amour

No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai Kuan Singapore
2Eric Yeo Singapore
3Andreas OlaussonNorway
4Bernhard GlaserBelgium
5Andrew Boustani Australia
6Dennis VillanuevaPhilippines
7Jørn NilsenNorway
8Corine ToussaintNetherlands
9Adamis Group Italia S.r.l.Italy
10Victor LimSingapore
11Foo Rui Lin CherylSingapore
12Michelle Pinto Singapore
13Adrian KingsnorthUnited Kingdom
14Yury SmoliarUnited States
15Thomas ElsmoreUnited Kingdom
16Thomas LeachUnited States
17Justine HenoninDenmark
18Paul TurnerUnited Kingdom
19Anthony GumbelUnited States
20Mok Shu Wah ArnoldHong Kong
21Marco LiCanada
22Too Kah JooSingapore
23Toh Lay KuanSingapore
24Nathan JohnsonUnited States
25Harriet LambourneUnited Kingdom
26Susan FinkelsteinUnited States
27Allan LocsoUnited States
28Daniel BehrendtUnited States
29Eric GoodwinCanada
30Michael ThomasUnited States
31Zach KamererUnited States
32Bridget NoonanUnited States
33Deb CunninghamAustralia
34Jennifer LoewenCanada
35Peyton SkeltonUnited States
36Katie ShumaysUnited States
37Arthur GyldenegeUnited States
38Kristen ReinhardtUnited States
39J David WhitfieldUnited States
40Aumi KhanUnited Kingdom
42Regan JerniganUnited States
43Jennifer TowerUnited States
44Raewyn CaverhillNew Zealand
45Leslie DiNoviUnited States
46Raimond ZegveldNetherlands
47Paul HammersUnited States
48Justin ChanUnited States
49Elainne RobertonUnited States
50Karl R BoltonUnited States
51Rick NugentUnited Arab Emirates
52Mike KunGermany
53Dave FerrerPhilippines
54Daniele De Benedictis Italy
55Kathy TraegerCanada
56Frank SimonsNew Zealand
57Wong Hoi LingHong Kong
58Arif LadhabhoyUnited Arab Emirates
59Michelle ReltonUnited Kingdom
60Jonathan ChenUnited States
61Jason NobleUnited States
62Bryan TsuiUnited Kingdom
63Lynn NiegelsenUnited States
64Katherine MoggachUnited Kingdom
65Matthias LeipoldGermany
66Vida JongUnited States
67AJ TosyaliUnited States
68Manon GrisoletCanada
69Jorge Puig SansSpain
70Vanessa Lúcia Silva AmorimBrazil
71Justin McPhersonUnited States
72Francois MenudierFrance
73Rudy MegevandThailand
74Clement CoteCanada
75Michelle HolleyUnited States
76Diane TudykUnited States
77Joshua HardingNew Zealand
78Louise BlackAustralia
79Erin GreeneNew Zealand
80Richard PatenallAustralia
81Mong-Shune ChungUnited States
82Karen YuenCanada
83Lisa AxfordAustralia
84Russell SchneiderUnited States
85Adrian Clark United Kingdom
86Prasan ModasiaUnited Kingdom
87Jake LipsonUnited States
88Winfred KwanSingapore
89Woon Tai XhiaSingapore
90Oskar SpähGermany
91Katy NichollsUnited Kingdom
92Nicole GardnerUnited States
93Steve HayUnited States
94Paraic McGlynnUnited States
95Maksymilian WildeCanada
96Jing LiAustralia
97David PalmerUnited Kingdom
98Elizabeth & Kenny LohSingapore
99Clara Yang QiWenSingapore
100Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore

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