26 - Seconds To Glory

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The final few hundred metres. You push. You endure. You give it your all. All the while remembering what you came here for – victory.

Chinese brush painting featuring a dozen cyclists, each created using a single, continuous brush stroke.

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Date of release: February 2015

Sheet size: 840mm X 520mm (Approx 33 inch X 20.5 Inch)

Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 1 spot Pantone Black. Printed on 220gsm Maple White paper. Suitable for archival use.

Proud 100 owners of Design 26 -
Seconds To Glory

No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai KuanSingapore
2Eric YeoSingapore
3Igor SemizorovSlovakia
4Ben HahnelAustralia
5Elizabeth SiroisUnited States
6Charlene SpeyererUnited States
7Ben SimmonsUnited Kingdom
8Jim LewisonUnited States
9Sean CarterUnited Kingdom
10Scott Sattler MDUnited States
11David LovinsUnited States
12Wesley BevanNew Zealand
13Mitchell EmersonUnited States
14Jan Van EndertGermany
15Guillaume BedardCanada
16Zach ChanUnited States
17Norman HouckUnited States
18Ian WatsonUnited States
19Jonathan AndersonUnited States
20James CoatesUnited States
21Mark WernerUnited States
22Justin DeMallieUnited States
23Jorge PUIG SANSSpain
24Reed DunbarUnited States
25John HeatonUnited Kingdom
26Rom BeyerleAustralia
27Megan SitUnited States
28Scott StoddartCanada
29Mel VitalicioUnited States
30Michele WrightUnited States
31Timothy ArchAustralia
32M.WoodUnited Kingdom
33Zeban Stroebel-Haft United States
34David ZiehrUnited States
35Jonathan Gil C. LaoPhilippines
36Nicholas JacobsAustralia
37Oh Kheng HockSingapore
38Nick VeccoUnited States
39Paul Nguyen BuuCanada
40Simon GoochUnited Kingdom
41Sasha Gollish Canada
42Benjamin BradleyUnited States
43Singley + Mackie, Inc.United States
44Bas van EijkNetherlands
45federico stanzaniItaly
46Salome StanfordUnited Kingdom
47Ann Dybalski United States
48Glenn ChanUnited States
49David KingNew Zealand
50Miguel YuhicoPhilippines
51R.A. van HilstNetherlands
52Nathaniel WienerUnited States
53Daniel MazzoccoUnited States
54Todd SmythUnited States
55Philip TaylorUnited States
56Merijn SoetersNetherlands
57David GutierrezUnited States
58Andrew McgovernCanada
59Christopher SimmonsUnited States
60Menegotto AndreaItaly
61Craig KaneUnited States
62Mike PlayfordCanada
63Tyler HustrulidUnited States
64Seematter GeraldSwitzerland
65Eduardo IturraldeUnited Kingdom
66Anthony OramUnited Kingdom
67Christopher Thomas United States
68Barry GrekAustralia
69Lynn Bianco MurphyUnited States
70Lynn Bianco Murphy United States
71Brian RistUnited States
72Brian RistUnited States
73Lee Boon Leng KevinSingapore
74Lee Boon Leng KevinSingapore
75John D. Powell, P.E.United States
76Ken NevilleUnited States
77Kathy TraegerCanada
78Julian BassermannUnited States
79John SummachCanada
80 Keith MrochekUnited States
81Holger CultusGermany
82Anna CazzavillanSpain
83Gregory SmithUnited States
84Wesley GalleBelgium
85Robert MartinUnited States
86David LittlefieldUnited States
87Timothy SherrattUnited States
88Ed FarisUnited States
89Kua Wen QiSingapore
90Simon TylerUnited Kingdom
91Grzegorz GajPoland
92David Moeny United States
93Henrik LönnSweden
94Amanda BeirneUnited States
95Ben de WetUnited Kingdom
96Francesco DriussiItaly
97George PadelopoulosUnited Kingdom
98Chris MacDonaldCanada
99Clara Yang QiWenSingapore
100Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore

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