41 - Never Look Back

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Ahead, is the unknown and where an adventure awaits.
Ahead, is a challenge you’ve already accepted.
Ahead, you’ll ride on, conquering every hill – even as the sun burns and the sores threaten.
Ahead, onward, never look back.


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Date of release: August 2018
Sheet size: 840mm X 420mm (33 inch X 16.5 Inch)
Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 2 spot Pantone Colours to ensure colour accuracy and a high-quality print. Printed on 270gsm Citrine paper (Colorplan). Suitable for archival use.

Proud 100 owners of Design 41 -

No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai KuanSingapore
2Thomas YangSingapore
3Laurence BasellAustralia
4Igor SemizorovSlovakia
5Diego TosoniUnited States
6Brad GoerzenCanada
7Matti BergendahlFinland
8 Dennis PaceUnited States
9Miguel YuhicoPhilippines
10Henrik LönnSweden
11Hubertus HohlGermany
12David LittlefieldUnited States
13Clément SchaffterSwitzerland
14Alice MillsUnited States
15Michael FordUnited States
16Gregory WattsUnited States
17Pascal Mageren VelosopheBelgium
18Deb CunninghamAustralia
19Keith Mrochek United States
20Lukasz Suchenek Poland
21Dominique TseSingapore
22Francesc Babot PagesSpain
23Matt PearsonCanada
24Marius ZaninAustralia
25Philip TaylorUnited States
26Remi CanayerCanada
27Anders MathiesenNorway
28Mike KunGermany
29Anders MathiesenNorway
30Stephen ClarkeAustralia
31Stephen ClarkeAustralia
32William DelkerUnited States
33Mike HymanUnited States
34Dylan VarekampUnited States
35Roland OrtegaUnited States
36Rod AitchisonUnited Kingdom
37Tobias SchmidGermany
38Matt BlakeUnited States
39James SwansonUnited States
40Steven KimUnited States
41Rose ChaviraUnited States
42Matt CoelhoUnited States
43Paul BrantUnited Kingdom
44Jared EbornUnited States
45Rutger van HilstNetherlands
46Timothy YoungUnited Kingdom
47Mel VitalicioUnited States
48Marc RabeGermany
49Charles Scott DorrisUnited States
50Tony Gumbel United States
51Angelo CatalanoUnited States
52Ben ShaylerNew Zealand
53Adrian McintoshAustralia
54Yuriy DoroshenkoRussia
55Margaret CarrUnited States
56Grant GeorgeUnited States
57Ng Yit WahSingapore
58Mark BolishUnited States
59Spencer KearneyAustralia
60Racefiets BlogNetherlands
61Johannes SaggelGermany
62Raul Mesquita de FreitasUnited States
63Ming LinUnited States
64Robert LagaceCanada
65Robin TrevillianUnited States
66Igor SemizorovSlovakia
67Catherine LundyUnited Kingdom
68Steffen FunkGermany
69Brad McGrathAustralia
70Erik GrabowskyUnited States
71Adam SchultzUnited States
72Ivan MazanekCzech Republic
73Ivan MazanekCzech Republic
74Mehdi FarsiUnited States
75Marc SchuurmanNetherlands
76Dries PlevoetsBelgium
77Jason CodianneUnited States
78Jared EbornUnited States
79Ksystof SviridAustralia
80Elsa Marti BertrandSpain
81Brian PetersonUnited States
82Corina Conrad-BeckGermany
83Catherine DufourCanada
84Benn WittUnited States
85Christopher VincentUnited Kingdom
86Andrew Wong Canada
87Anna UtleyUnited States
88Mark Wesdijk Netherlands
89Raphaëlle DesvignesCanada
90Lindsay LyonsUnited Arab Emirates
91Yeo Wee YongSingapore
92Geoff WickstromCanada
93Rutger SmitNetherlands
94Damon ElmoreUnited States
95Ming-Yi LinUnited States
96Paul BrantUnited Kingdom
97Dan MarshmanUnited Kingdom
98Margot RosenbergUnited States
99Clara Yang QiwenSingapore
100Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore

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