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Image of Tyre Tracks series - New York, Paris, London & Beijing

Tyre Tracks series - New York, Paris, London & Beijing

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Awarded the GRAND PRIX at the ASIAN CREATIVE AWARDS and Award of Excellence in Communication Arts for illustration.

The Cyclist's Empire
A celebration of New York’s rise as a cycling city. 7 different types of bicycle tyre tracks were used to create the Empire State Building, to reflect New York’s ever-growing tribe of cyclists – from the daily commuter to the delivery boy.

Bicycle Mon Amour
Ride down the breezy boulevards of Paris and you'll see why it's easy to fall in love with its cycling culture. The Eiffel Tower was re-created using 12 unique tyre tracks, as a tribute to a romance that goes far, far beyond the Tour de France.

God Save The Bike
Come traffic, hell or high water, nothing will stop London’s rising bike culture, thanks to its protected cycle lanes. Admire its leafy parks and iconic architecture, including the Tower Bridge, meticulously crafted here with 11 unique tyre tracks. Keep calm and ride on.

The Unforbidden Cyclist
Like rice, the bicycle is deeply ingrained in China's culture. Once a sign of backwardness, the "people's vehicle" is now enjoying a hip revival. 11 unique tyre tracks went into creating the Forbidden City – one of which belongs to the legendary Flying Pigeon.

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Date of release: November 2014

The Cyclist's Empire &
Bicycle Mon Amour

Sheet size: 840mm X 420mm (Approx 33 inch X 16.5 Inch)

God Save The Bike &
The Unforbidden Cyclist

Sheet size: 950mm X 300mm (Approx 37.4 inch X 11.8 Inch)

Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 1 Pantone spot color. Printed on Recycled 220gsm Maple White paper. Suitable for archival use.

Proud 100 owners of 2nd Edition
Tyre Track Series Set

No. NameCountry
1Choo Wai KuanSingapore
3Jonathan van de BeltIreland
4Erin KollarUnited States
5Ashley Gibson United States
6Michael FowlerUnited States
7Perelandra WaitUnited States
8Alexandra KiddAustralia
9Eileen LinarducciUnited States
10Shannon Nix Canada
11Brice ClierFrance
12蔡 珮棋Taiwan
13Madeleine M CastellanosUnited States
14Jason BrandsmaCanada
15David GomezUnited States
16SRAM - Spearfish Kai GonzalesUnited States
17Antony BarnesAustralia
18Darren SchenklerUnited States
19Sheryl WolffUnited States
20Kyle BergerUnited States
21Robert Doyle Canada
22Zachary ClarkCanada
23Kent CarlsonUnited States
24Daniel AndersonCanada
25Stephen Mackinnon Canada
26Jakr WernerUnited States
27Larry SpradleyUnited States
28David Lomas United Kingdom
29Clayton WongUnited Kingdom
30Elizabeth WeinbergUnited States
31Francisco LaraMexico
32Mark JacobsonUnited States
33Robert WattSweden
34Andrei PetrovUnited Kingdom
35Agathe BrandicourtUnited States
36Pedro FrazaoBrazil
37Agnès CelentinBelgium
38Ottavio Riello PeraItaly
39Julie OrreyUnited Kingdom
40Chris OstrowskiUnited States
41Katie MilesUnited Kingdom
42Patricia LeightonSouth Africa
43Tobias Claus BrandstätterAustria
44Nathan CurlUnited States
45Anthony MilitelloUnited States
46Alberto GherardiItaly
47 David G. AnthonyUnited States
48Michele RiddleUnited States
49John ClineUnited States
50Joel WoodUnited States
51Nikki Lesniak United States
52James McGonigalCanada
53Shujian BuChina
54Andras VighHong Kong
55Nick AndersonUnited States
56Larissa GallerSwitzerland
57Julie CrookUnited States
58Chen YangAustralia
59Di ChenUnited States
60Kinder MeganSingapore
61 Diana TudykUnited States
62Yang Dai-ChangTaiwan
63Lester LeeSingapore
64Tan Boon KiangSingapore
65Jerille LoweUnited States
66Laura BensonUnited States
67Derek CarmosinoUnited States
68Jill ValentiUnited States
69Richard Ray KingPhilippines
70Brandon BouwmanUnited States
71Paskal LamourUnited States
72Mitchell SkuceCanada
73Michael MorrisUnited States
74Todd GoldbergUnited States
75Moritz DittrichGermany
76Patrick LeyseeleBelgium
77Josh Crain Tinora PowellUnited States
78Amy KlotzUnited States
79 Janusz JanasUnited States
80 Pohl KimFrance
81Elizabeth McIntoshUnited States
82Candace HuUnited States
83Tami WilliamsUnited States
84Alejandro Goya CaberaSpain
85Victor WadeCanada
86Mr. & Mrs. Vincent MeloroUnited States
87Michael TyskaUnited States
88 Steven LamSingapore
89Nick RichensUnited Kingdom
90Matthew PedlerAustralia
91Michael BarrettAustralia
92Daniel SeeSingapore
93Neal ThomasUnited States
94Joy ChoiCanada
95Elizabeth SiroisUnited States
96Lee WenyuTaiwan
97Giorgio CraveroItaly
98Nina BlöcherNorway
99Clara Yang QiWenSingapore
100Vera Yang KaiQingSingapore

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